Student films 2023

Lunch Time: An animated short film featuring an ensemble cast including Thor, Lea, Petrea, Chili, Luca, Sybille, Maxime, and Wanda. : Lunch Time KA’An: Step into the mesmerizing world of “KA’An,” an animated short film crafted by the collaborative efforts of Simon, Freya Kramme, Freya, and Marie. Explore now: KA’An Rise of Schülze: Experience the […]

Digital Painting 2023

Step into the vivid world of digital artistry with Scheersberg’s recent Digital Painting Workshop. Themed around the rhythmic dance of a pendulum, the workshop brought together a diverse group of artists eager to explore the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity. Led by the accomplished artist Karsten Hoop, the workshop delved into the basics and […]

Art Camp 2023

After running a succesful first edition of Art Camp, we’ve now recovered and are ready to reflect. The concept of Art Camp has proven a success, not only through the participants, but also through all the people that helped realize it. Thanks to our neighbors Jens Jørgen and Barbara for helping with Pool and equipment, […]

Flensborg Avis

Vi fik lidt god omtale, med en artikel om Karsten Hoop og Ox Academy i Flensborg Avis idag.

Creative community in 2023

Dear artist, painter, animator, or what your creative identification may be,I have a little message for the ending of this year. A virtual community for creatives Amongst many things, 2022 became the year I decided to start Ox Academy, a virtual community and learning environment for artists where I currently facilitate 1 monthly online meet-up […]

Sketching Class

I oktober afholdt Ox Academy ”Sketching Class” ved aktivitetshuset i Flensborg.Se denne promo-video og få en introduktion til hvordan et kusus med Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop kan se ud. Sketching Class med Karsten from Ox and Bird I/S on Vimeo.