Lunch Time: An animated short film featuring an ensemble cast including Thor, Lea, Petrea, Chili, Luca, Sybille, Maxime, and Wanda. : Lunch Time

KA’An: Step into the mesmerizing world of “KA’An,” an animated short film crafted by the collaborative efforts of Simon, Freya Kramme, Freya, and Marie. Explore now: KA’An

Rise of Schülze: Experience the rise of a compelling story in “Rise of Schülze,” an animated short film created by the dynamic team of Anika, Alex, Axel, and Maria. Watch the rise unfold and witness the collaborative efforts of this talented team: Rise of Schülze

Ghost Train: Embark on a haunting journey with “Ghost Train,” an animated short film made by Marcus. Watch now: Ghost Train

All projects were developed by students at in 2023.

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