”Ox Academy is just a name, to a service I had naturally provided for years already. Between productions, I had been invited to teach at schools across the country, and the joy of seing motivated and engaged students of all ages inspired me to make it a more available service.

The mission of Ox academy, is to give anyone with a creative desire, the tools, self
confidence and space to dive deeper.”

Karsten Peter Kjærukf-Hoop,
founder and animator

Ox Academy is founded an run by Karsten Peter Kjærulf-Hoop, who is a creative director, animator, owner of the animation company Qx & Bird
and co founder and owner of Fairyscapes. His lifelong passion for storytelling and art brought him into the world of animation where he in 2014 graduated with a degree in character animation
from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. 

His company OX & BIRD has developed animated shorts, content for film and games for many danish and global companies like Lego, AIDA, Arla
and more. He has won awards on festivals around the world for his shortfilm ”The Great Harlot and The Beast” and the 2D watercolor film ”Drops”.

He was team member of the production of the 3 time Oscar nominated film FLEE, the film League of Legends (The Path, An Ionian Myth), delivered
characters and character animation for several games and children books, made commercials for the danish artist Poul Pava’s products targeted
to the Chinese market. He also is helping the caretakers of Margareta Erichsens mindefond with branding and production of virtual media products