After running a succesful first edition of Art Camp, we’ve now recovered and are ready to reflect.

The concept of Art Camp has proven a success, not only through the participants, but also through all the people that helped realize it. Thanks to our neighbors Jens Jørgen and Barbara for helping with Pool and equipment, the weather for staying bright, Malene in the kitchen and community, Teve with morning movement, our families and friends for assisting physically and virtually and last but not least the people that went through signing up and traveling out here and putting in the effort of creating Artwork together.

Many people in our society spend hours and hours with shrinks and psychologists, and the question you end up with, after a potentially ‘successful’ series of sessions is always “What do I want to do now?”.

We believe the Art Camp is a representation of this “What would you do, if everything is great?”. We would spend our time with people like you, and allow the social intelligence to create interesting problems for us to solve. Like: How do we make a living from my artwork? How the heck do we captivate this light coming through the branches? What would a guitar playing broccoli look like? What truly excites us and what is just distraction?

The conclusion is, that we want to do it again, and that it would be ok to scaling it up to approx twice the size, so with this, we hope to see you for Art Camp 2024. Keep an eye out for other events and gatherings to be launched at a smaller scale soon.

Scrub through a pick of images from Art Camp 2023.

All the best,

Malene, Karsten and Sofia.

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