Dear artist, painter, animator, or what your creative identification may be,
I have a little message for the ending of this year.

A virtual community for creatives

Amongst many things, 2022 became the year I decided to start Ox Academy, a virtual community and learning environment for artists where I currently facilitate 1 monthly online meet-up and exchange. The focus areas are both digital and analogue painting, illustration, drawing and all kinds of animation. The inspiration came after 8 years of doing workshops and seminars, and getting the feedback, that once you’re back in your everyday environment, it is much harder to find the inspiration to be creative or work on the project you’ve been talking about. The goal is to have a place to share your processes, your projects, get input and be held responsible to your own creative goals.

Upcoming invitation is set for 3. January 2023 (17:30 CET) and will last approximately an hour.

Each meetup will be announced a month ahead of time, and involve an inspirational conversation moderated by me. Each meetup will have a different focus, some will include professional guest speakers from the industry, some will include artistic assignments, small drawing games, collaborations or pure community hangout with a paint bush and glass of wine. 

How to join

All participants of my workshops will be invited, but are you also interested in joining our virtual creative community and joining our telegram channel to see updates, write me a short e-mail at, sharing some of your work and a few lines about yourself. If I see that it would benefit you and fits the vision of the community, you’ll be forwarded an invitation. It is not some exclusive club, but it is important for my own and participants motivation, to carve out a standard the community in terms of focus, passion and energy. Your technical skill level is of less importance.

Examples of former student work:

Join as a free experiment

Ox academy is an experiment, and I’ve chosen to keep it for free the initial year and let it grow organically, my dream is that it also includes music and sound, but since I have little experience in this area, I haven’t included it this round.

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See you in 2023.

All the best,
from Ox academy and Karsten.

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